Highly Strung Event Timetable 2017
Highly Strung Event Timetable 2018
Folk Feet Tuesday
 and Thursday Dance Mornings

It's Your Ceili Friday Dance Party

Irish Set Dance


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Group Lessons
One to one lessons
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Monday Morning Beginners Group

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Contact Jill:   jillyelliot@gmail.com or ring 01275 847909 or 07515 904 707

Online payment into the bank account  is the preferred method of payment except Tuesday mornings at Folk Feet 

Lesson Fees

Introductory plan - at Yew Tree Cottage - one hour private lesson plus 4 group lessons plus a loan instrument for 4 weeks - 80

Individual Lessons at Yew Tree Cottage - 40 per hour/25 per half hour

Individual Lessons at your house - 40 per hour - plus 45p per mile 

Evening and Daytime Group lessons - 10 per person 

Band Fees 

Barn Dances with live music with The Perfect Cure Band range from 280 - 600 for a full evening or afternoon event including all equipment, caller and musicians.

Care Home sing-along is 80 per hour.  

Prices depend on day of the week, time of day, acoustic or amplified, and the number of musicians - please ring me on 01275 847909 or e mail with your requirements. 

Dance Fees 

Tuesday morning 3 per person - musicians and dancers

Thursday morning 5 per person

It's Your Ceili - 10 per person  click here to book directly 

Irish Set Dance with The Perfect Cure - Monday evenings - donation to charity


Contact Jill:   jillyelliot@gmail.com or ring 01275 847909 or 07515 904 707